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Can you tell me who is the best defense breaker in this game. [14]

Hi all,

I have really good DPS dealers in my team but I see where they are stuck.

DEFENSE. I can't cut through that wall.

Which hero can help me penetrate the defense wall?

with a Good cycle which lets me debuff the boss constantly.

Hi accuracy etc. 

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    2021.09.03 11:45 (UTC+0)

    defense breaker queen is iseria

    other common defense breaker is flan, taranor guard, clarissa, adventure ras, bellona, tenebria

     for early game

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    작성자 2021.09.03 11:50 (UTC+0)

    luckily I have Iseria but I didn't think to build her. May be I should...

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    2021.09.03 12:05 (UTC+0)

    Anyone with S1 def break

    Or even def break with 100% chance like iseria. 

    You create the effectiveness not the unit so it all depend on gear. 

    Even Ken and luluca  is a good def breaker.both have s1 and s2/s3 respectively with def break 

    My defense breaker that i use are ssb, bellona, and flan. It is not like they always do a 100% def break without fail (15% resist) but enough to do all content as far as i play

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    2021.09.03 12:07 (UTC+0)

    Ice - Furious, Taranor Guard, Clarissa, Karin, Tywin.

    Fire - Khawazu, Cecilia.

    Earth - Iseria, Mercenary Helga, Cidd, Kluri.

    Light - Gunther, Free Spirit Tieria.

    Dark - Chaos Sect Axe, Shadow Rose, Assassin Cartuja with EE s3.

    All of those guys are good at the role of reducing def but some are better than others.

    From this list Furious and Iseria are probably the best options bcz they can offer support as well.

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    2021.09.03 13:01 (UTC+0)

    I think Iseria and Luluca are the best 2, Luluca might even surpass iseria with her exclusive equipment giving her s1 double attack and the fact that she can scales as the fight goes on, making her a boss killer/ debuffer. 

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    2021.09.03 14:02 (UTC+0)

    In 2018, Decrease Defense was pretty precious. Some characters even use Decrease Defense as their S3, like Requiemroar.

    But back then Iseria has 2 100% chance Decrease Defense skills.

    She's really good at it.

    Sadly, her soulburn animation was never used again in her variants.

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    2021.09.03 14:47 (UTC+0)

    Camila - def break for two turns(50% chance)on s1 and if she have an atk buff,she will also dual attack with the dps(same as with SC Ras but on S1 with 2 turn def break)

    Mort after S3,if you SB s1,he WILL def break any non fire enemys

    Ken with S2 after S3(guaranteed def break on non water enemys)

    Green Bellona is also good(2 aoe def break attacks)

    Rem s1 with sb after someone dies

    Any ranger with Ms.Confille(especially Cerise)

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    2021.09.04 07:04 (UTC+0)

    Best single attack defense breaker is Mortelix his S1 can have up to 60% with accessory. S1 soulburn ignore resistance, S3 make him ignore resistance all the time. now he hast natural 30% chance to counter.

    Best AOE defense breaker is Summer S Bellona

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    2021.09.04 12:19 (UTC+0)

    It would be nice to clarify somewhat, for what purposes it is actually needed. I would say that Iseria and Luluca are the best def breakers. Both have a def break at S3 and S1 (which is important). Luluca has an AoE def break, in addition EE which gives a chance to extra attack, so she also does damage. And Iseria has a Strip / Unbuffable + her unique S2.

    As fire option - Ken.

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    2021.09.04 18:03 (UTC+0)

    If it's just PVE & bosses, then Green Iseria is best hands down. She augments your team composition & depending on if you build her speed effective, or with high damage she will perform well either case. I suggest high speed & eff since you got good dps. That way you can focus on keeping def break on boss & cycling your most powerful dps's abilities, or the support's att buff, with Iseria's S2.

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