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Dear SG & GM E7 [6]

Hello heirs, I'm Belian's fans

First, I want to ask according to you, which is more difficult, Straze or Belian boss?

Second, usually the abilities of units adapted from boss characters are almost the same with litlle NERF hehe, I have a little suggestion for Belian's S1 if she's become unit one day (I don't know when :)

Skill 1 Attacking all enemies, decrasing CR by a random amount between 15%-25%. Penetrates the target defense by 15%. This skill is not trigger a COUNTER ATTACK. 60% to Stun target with the lowest speed for 1 turn. Demage dealt increases proportional to the caster's max health.

why " This skill is not trigger a COUNTER ATTACK" in first skill (not 2nd skill)? Because she will get a lot counter and quickly DIE if she doesn't have that 

(Elena, MA Ken, Violet, Rem, Spez, Counter Ravi and A.Ravi, Tank with elbris, Roana (for her skill 3), etc), CC Unit --> Counter unit (I think too much, just in my mind wkwk)

maybe this suggestion is not important, but I want her to get special attention, because her design is very good and she is also a boss character

I hope she gets a better skill than I expected, thank you and sorry my english is still bad

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    2021.09.03 06:49 (UTC+0)

    Pretty sure there is no way they release her with Skills stacked to the max as is her boss form.

    I mean just thinking about it, that S1 does so much you would normally think its an S3 and still overly stacked. There is no way something like that gets released as a spammable S1 basic skill even if half the effects were cut off.

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    2021.09.03 08:16 (UTC+0)

    Just think about Ray, how much they changed on his kit before release. I don't think they would keep her as she was.

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    2021.09.03 12:02 (UTC+0)

    I understand that her kit won’t be the same when released but I’m a bit confused, why don’t you want “can’t be countered” on a s1 aoe? That’s a stupidly strong ability.

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