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Banner rotation question, Just for info haha [2]

So this free summon make me think what to summon

At first i really Want tamarrine or violet

But if i am not mistaken tamarrine is a long time banner so she might Come soon. 

It have been like 23 banner after her banner at the start of the Year. ( I counted) ( Maybe more or less by little) 

And i also want the idol's cheer artifact compare to Violet, so i choose Violet instead. 

I got all the soul weaver, except the moonlight. ( maid chloe and ruele and tamarrine 

So my question. 

-With those many heroes. 

Then is the rotation of heroes almost go for a Year. Since her banner is at the start of Year. And now it is closing to end of the Year? 

- is limited heroes are bound by months? Because when i start playing. I miss Landy ( the trio summon banner) and ftene ( at december i think) and never Seeing her banner again 

- i only see some unit getting repeat banner often like lilias or even Vivian. They might reappeared within 3 months. 

 - is the cycle much faster now.? I think it is recent change 

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    2021.09.03 03:05 (UTC+0)

    Yes limiteds are bound by months, Ftene, alongside cerise and Landy will probably be released around November/December in a trio banner.

    as for normal rgbs, there’s no set timeline for when they’re released, so you can’t really figure out when they’ll get a banner, just look at baal and sezan, it took two years to get their first banner on global iirc.

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