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Ep 3 with Disappointed ending [8]

Episode 3 suppose to be the dragon war but somehow dragons are just side character that don't even important to the story .dragon and human war ? nothing . Queen francesca who ? Alencia who ? Luna who ? Mort who ?  It's Ep 3 but still, not even a single from Ep 3 heroes get anime cut scene. chapter10 ruined the entire of Episode 3 

nit picking part

SG forgot phantom CIC again

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    2021.09.02 23:33 (UTC+0)

    For start Luna got an animation in the big animation at the beginning of E3 and Mort got an animation when he you know died in chapter 9, chapter 9 being a massive part of the dragons vs human war but seems we didn’t read the same story?

    Secondly, ever since chapter 3 when Belian was shown we knew she was going to have a massive role in chapter 10, when Politia was planning to take control of everything, Androids become the true enemy of both dragons and humans, but they didn’t stop fighting until mort was dead which eventually he did. And even Luna got her moment in chapter 10 along with Ervalen, and Francesca a long dead character even got shown again in this chapter. Alencia was literally the only one not shown, so I’m not sure what your issue was there.

    As for the phantom CIC, they’re only shown in side stories or chaos gates stories like Politia of the past, they’ve never been fully intergrated into the main story and most likely never will.

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    2021.09.03 02:29 (UTC+0)

    EP1 had an ending cutscene... EP2 had an ending cutscene... EP3 had a mid-battle cutscene and I'm like "Is that it???" 

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    2021.09.03 02:39 (UTC+0)

    ***** Luna still alive!  I really hate her in story from beginning until end.

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    2021.09.03 04:20 (UTC+0)

    me who hasn't reach it yet 

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    2021.09.03 05:41 (UTC+0)

    I haven't ended episode 3 yet, but so far, I feel like the story is too big to cover for the whole episode, so my prediction is episode 4 is still taken placed in Eureka with some characters from the East Kingdom. Probably, along with new characters, we will meet some old ones like ML Tieria, ML Ken and ML Zerato. Still, this is taken from a person who haven't cleared episode 3 yet.

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    2021.09.05 15:31 (UTC+0)

    i too feel a bit disappointed that we did not get a animated ending scene for episode 3, like we did in episode 1 and 2.

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