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Siseria and artifact [1]

I think you guys should really reconsider releasing a hero and artifact that rely 100% on each other. Siseria relies on her bombs to be useful at all. You can argue that ssb was the same, but SSB has useful builds without a max limit break artifact. Not having a +30 drink DOES NOT ruin ssb. Not having a +30 star DOES ruin siseria.

I dont know why you guys would do this when you know your player base hates more rng on top of rng

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    2021.09.02 05:43 (UTC+0)

    "Not having a +30 drink DOES NOT ruin ssb."

    which people only started figuring out way after release

    how about you wait a while in the same fashion and maybe other heroes or artifacts will come out as complimentary or even people smarter than you will come up with other viable builds.

    or you could just keep acting like the game is set in stone and everyone has everything figured out

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