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Summertime Iseria Showcase [4]

I'm really enjoying bombseria as a cdom substitute and damage dealer in my cleave comps however she def has a couple problems

1). Her detonations happening at the end of the turn, this screws her over against czerato, counter elena, rem counters

2). Shes NEEDS an aoe stripper (or at least an aoe faster than her) kinda like sb ara but 2 of her bombs are locked behind a teammate using an aoe, so she is not self sufficient at all which is a problem when you compare her to like carrot

3). 15% / high er is a thing, with no souls Bombseria can only land 2 bombs 3 if you have her art +30, so if any of these get resisted you're kinda screwed, once again comparing to carrot she lands i think 2 burns per target on her s3 so it's not as bad if she's resisted

But these are just my impressions and tbh her flaws are common in a lot of other debuffers (besides the +30 artifact thing), do you think sg should/will buff her if so how? I was thinking about them making her detonation occur before counters but i feel that'd be a bit op

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    2021.09.01 00:38 (UTC+0)

    they may be different but Carrot is better XD

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    2021.09.01 04:24 (UTC+0)

    nice information man, those Violet and Landy massacred in the video make me want to build her. But I might build her slower (200 spd with more hp) since my teams are mostly counter or bruiser heroes.

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    2021.09.01 15:34 (UTC+0)

    I usually use her as cr pusher with aoe hero and unseen observer is actually good for her. 

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