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Limited unit preference [4]

Is Summertime Iseria worth the pull or should I wait for units like Landy, Diene, Cerise etc?

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    2021.08.31 15:05 (UTC+0)

    Generally its good idea to have one copy of overy hero. Especially limited.

    And with the summer heroes you really need just one, since they can imprint with their non summer versions unlike the other limiteds.

    The 3pple banner you mentioned was early this Year, so you should be safe for a while, especially since they showed us bunch of new heroes incoming, so I dont think we`ll see Landy solo banner this year anymore.

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    2021.08.31 17:48 (UTC+0)

    Given the number of heroes that SG now has to juggle, and the fact that number is guaranteed to continue increasing, ltd heroes in particular are going to be harder to come by. SIseria will almost certainly get a rerun next year, but any ltd that has already been run twice will more than likely only end up on a 3x banner at some point. I'd say that if you're close now, go for it, but if not, you can afford to wait if you can be disciplined not to waste resources. Some folks start to see big numbers and their gacha itch overwhelms good judgment.

    In terms of utility, I've only heard that SIsteria is complicated to use. The bomb mechanic works fairly well with her, but she needs decent support for you to build her the right way to make it work. She needs very high atk, and a decent amount of effectiveness. On top of that, you want her to be relatively fast so she can cycle enough to blow up who you want her to blow up. She's good, but she's not as plug-n-play friendly as some other ltds. 

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    2021.09.01 03:10 (UTC+0)

    She maybe get buff in the future. I think she will be awesome if her s2 ignore res or landing extra 2 bombs

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    2021.09.01 18:34 (UTC+0)

    Landy is great for brain dead dps, just insert her and get free dmg. Cerise's main thing is an opener in PVP, if you PVP heavy then there. Dienne is pretty awesome & really annoying if built well in any arena. I never rolled on Landy and passed on Summer  Iseria, just don't wanna waste my F2P resources on those kinda units. Luna & or Dienne's banner may pop again soon in a few months.

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