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Remove Getting Non-banner artifacts from the designated banner. [1]

Hello my dear Epic Seven team,

I have a suggestion. Can you please remove the chance of us players from getting non-banner artifacts when summoning that nay respective banner. It is so hurtful to get artifacts that is not the banner's artifacts.

I mean, can you *please explain on why is this system still around or implemented*? I really want to know a proper justification the current implementation of the artifact banner rates. If getting a hero is confirmed, please allow the artifact to be as well. Powder's should not be the solution, it should only and will always be an alternative to obtain limited artifacts.

Thank you and have a good day

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    2021.09.02 08:08 (UTC+0)

    Honestly I used to think that this was the case with banner artifacts, because I never summoned any other 5-stars other than the ones featured. Then suddenly I got a bunch of random 5 stars with the recent events.

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