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Should there be an ML version of a limited unit? [10]

At the moment the only limited units that have an ML version are Fairy Tale Tenebria and Summertime Iseria. However, their ML versions (Specter Tenebria and Briar Witch Iseria) came along before their limited versions. As such, they each have non-limited versions that satisfy the imprint imperative that can be the sticking point of an alternate version or ML version of a unit. The only exceptions have been Archdemon's Shadow and Straze as MLs who received their own imprint materials. Celestial Mercedes is the only total exception since the only way to fully imprint her is to either pull more copies of the ML, or lose out on maxing the imprint on regular Mercedes. She's not a 5*, so you can't even use unknown slates from the arena shop to max her imprint that way. My point is,

Given that, MLs of limited heroes would be potentially difficult. Landy, for example, would have to get her own item if they did an ML of her, as I don't know that players would accept not being able to imprint her outside a small shot at pulling ML dupes, or a 1-2 week period once a year to pull on a limited banner. Fairy Tale Tenebria or Summertime Iseria, for example, can be imprinted at any time by a lucky pull of regular Tenebria or Iseria, respectively. The counter argument is that limited heroes, except for Bask and Serila, are all 5*s so they can just be slowly imprinted via unknown slates. This is basically true for Archdemon's Shadow or Straze, supposing a person didn't want to spend gold transmit stones on the imprint mats (or dare even field a second built version of either). 

Why does it matter? Regardless of the gameplay logistics involved in getting an ML version of a limited hero out there, MLs offer unique alternative stories to already known characters. Unlike simple alternate versions (Holiday Yufine versus regular Yufine) most MLs offer a glimpse into an actual alternative world with its own interesting lore. The idea that there might be an ML Furious or ML Pavel but not an ML Cerise seems unfortunate in light of the way that character story would be short changed. But, again playing devil's advocate, is the promise of a decently complete story worth the potential of a unit uncommonly troubling to max out.

So, that gets to the basic question; do you think it is worth it, would make sense, for limited units to receive ML versions in the future?

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    2021.08.31 08:12 (UTC+0)

    My prediction is after some times  the old limited units will be moved to regular summon pool.

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    2021.08.31 08:13 (UTC+0)

    For Collab limited I would say no. Not that I dont want to but since these collab units are tied to different IP and follow certain legal agreements its more that I dont see this being done. At best we can expect some EEs for those heroes.

    For alternate versions (summer) I would say no again, since technically speaking its the same hero, just in different getup. Wouldnt really make much sense both skill-balance as well as lore wise (dont want to go to deep into this limited text size and to much effort haha~).

    For Limited non alternate (ex. Cerise, Landy) I would say yes as those are "limited" just because, and for no real reason other than psychological pressure of "missing out, must whale". Otherwise they are not different and are essentially just time limited RGB. There is no alternate version of them due to them already being "pseudo limited" so the ML version (be it a hero dressing up differently ala DJB, or being a hero from alternate reality like Riolet) would fit as any RGB.

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    2021.08.31 10:45 (UTC+0)

    anything is possible if SG want 

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    2021.08.31 11:54 (UTC+0)

    didnt read most of it just here to say if you didnt complain about ruele not having an rgb counterpart to imprint then i dont see why you would for a limited ml unit.

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