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[GLOBAL] 42o Guild - Aiming for TOP 100! 2 spots open~

Guild Name: 42o

Region/Server: Global

Level: 20

Members: 28/30


-x5 Mystic Rewards (ended last season at rank 105)

-24/7 guild buffs

-Daily guild stamina & weekly chest

-Our guild offers an active, friendly, casual-competitive & chill environment. 

-Guild war scouting is not required but we have a dedicated discord channel where either myself or other members post a scout report each war for everyone to use as a guide & for support.

-Even though we like to keep things laid back, we expect thought & effort to be put into your attacks.

-We have veteran members in our guild & discord who are helpful & resourceful. 

-Majority of us have been playing since day 1 & carry

the experience of being in a high tier top 20 guild.

-'WHALE' is our sister guild <3 c:


-Daily log-ins & donations/aid

-Must actively participate in guild wars

-Champion+ in arena rank

-Rank 70

-Joining our discord server is highly appreciated. This promotes easier communication within the guild.

-Looking for potential members who enjoy playing this game, someone that has advanced experience in guild war offense & defense, and someone that is willing to improve over time.

Any questions?

Add me on discord - minicakez#0420





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