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[Global] WFA is goal is now aiming for top 100 ! Looking for active members

Guild Name: WFA

Members : 7/30

Server : Global

Requirements :

  • Active, daily check-in, mat request the usual
  • Challenger V in Arena (or High Master with passion)
  • Use all attacks on GW day

Worst Fears Academy (WFA) is a new guild built by the members of our sister guild WorstFears.

The founding members created this guild to push top#100 in guild war and we should be have no problem reaching x5 rewards tier within few weeks after we gather the members who share the common goal for guild war.

In the Academy we do have a friendly environment with players from all around the world (Europe, USA, Asia you name it) to help you build the right team and strategy to push the another level.

We do provide a safe sandbox in our sister guild if you want to experiment around or take it more casually at any point as well.

Contact me via on Rephier#4007 on discord or just apply in-game by searching for WFA if you are interested. 

Thank you !

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