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It is unfair with user linked with iphone account [4]

 Some day ago, I very happy because I can receive a gift from something is called " amazon prime". And now, what is happening? App Store will service between e7 and amazon prime. Maybe I am unlucky, but all of the other players on another device or not linked with iCloud will get more Gold,ss,5 *,... than me. It is not fair :(((((

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    2021.08.30 08:53 (UTC+0)

    This is happening for all IOS users, you will have to use an emulator to get Amazon prime rewards. Apple decided to shut down the ability for us to claim them via the app due to it technically breaching payment conditions. Scummy move but we can’t do much.

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    2021.08.30 17:00 (UTC+0)


    Amazon Prime gifts are good. Yes, iPhone (iOS) players cannot receive these gifts, but don't worry.

    If you have a good computer, try downloading LDPlayer / BlueStacks / NoxPlayer (they are free). They let you play Epic Seven on your computer, and you can receive the Amazon Prime gifts there.

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    2021.09.02 06:00 (UTC+0)

    imagine giving apple money

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