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Guild Recruitment

[Asia] Ascendance guild is recruiting!

Guild Level: 20

Region/Server: Asia

Last Season Rank: 47

Slot: 2

Description: Looking for an active and fun-loving guild? Look no further! With diverse members all over Asia and even across the pacific in the west, we're a bunch of crazy and cool group to hang out with and drool over your waifus and husbandos! Activity in discord is highly encouraged as we actively stream arena/RTA and our GW adventures!


* English speaking 

* Join Discord Chatgroup 

* Request and donate aids 

* Minimum arena rank: Challenger V 

* Participate in Guild Wars and World Boss 

* Do guild weekly missions 

* Inactivity kick period: 3 days without informing guild leader/captains

* GW rewards - 5x multiplier
* 24hr exp and gold buffs
* Experienced players in all content
* Memes all day

To join, leave your discord id or contact one of our discord accounts below:

Vallium#1126 || Millie#9246 

See you there~!

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