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Who to Choose (Feelin like a Newbie) [6]

I apologize for being another one adding to surge of posts asking about who to choose from the list in the Ezera Foundation Day Celebration Gift.

But.... I really really need help. 

I am pretty much stuck in Episode 2, Wyvern level 9 on good days, never able to win in any Hell levels, and like level B when it comes to rewards. I know it's not always about getting a superstar hero but about getting good gear and team formations. However, I really really need help choosing a hero that will work well with heroes that I currently have so that I can get over being stuck.

In Global Account, my top heroes that I mix in teams are: Sigret, Krau, Ilynav, Kawerik, Yuna, Celine, Basar, 

In Korean Account, my top heroes that I mix in teams are: Luluca, Vildred, Seaside Bellona, Cecilia, Sez, Destina, Ruele

For each account, who should I choose to work with the heroes I have or replace any of them? I will appreciate any suggestions!

Thank you!

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    2021.08.29 19:47 (UTC+0)

    If your still stuck at EP 2 with the units you have then your issue right now is really just gear, plain and simple. As for who you should pick. Violet or Tamarinne are my suggestions. Tamarinne is good for PVE and Violet is very good for PVP when you get more competitive. 

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    2021.08.29 19:57 (UTC+0)

    Ah I see another Lidica enjoyer

    you need to focus on your hunt team first.

    dont stuck too long in hunt lvl under 12. The realgear is from Hunt 12-13

    I suggest pick tamarine. She is very strong in any pve content and prolong fight.

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    2021.08.29 20:06 (UTC+0)

    So in your case seems that you have stopped at Wyvern 9. As wyvern gear is the most universal and useful and will be farmed the most even if you dont care about PVP I would say to first take look at your Wyvern team.

    Ideally you want to push to W11 then hold up there until you can leap to Wyvern 13. You already have Sigret as main DPS. I am sure Angelica or Crozet are somewhere in there as well, or you could use Krau. You can fill in the rest with Taranor Guard, Alexa or Furious and that should carry you sa far as Wyvern is considered. And even AMomo can tank it if need to be so basically you dont need any other hero for Wyvern rn.

    A general good pick is Vivian. Works in multiple hunts, in PVP, as dog walker, etc. A very solid choice.

    People will hype up Tamarine but personally, I dont think she is as necessary as they make her out to be. Required for Abyss and great for Hell though.

    E2 is a gear check. Climb Wyvern, to get better gear first before you can progress the story.

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    2021.08.29 20:57 (UTC+0)

    Tamarinne or Bellona for abyss, tama also for just all pve

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    2021.08.29 21:28 (UTC+0)

    Ditch Destina she's crap.

    If you struggle with pve Tama is the best option. She's the strongest pve hero you can use.

    Roana, Vivian and Lilias are great options because they're strong in both pvp and pve.

    Ravi, Charlotte, Violet, Politis are excellent in pvp

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