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Why is the SG shop shipping so expensive? [5]

In the livestream, Sg showed some merch that I wanted (The artbook and Keychains in particular), so I started browsing the store and found the "Two Design Interchangeable Tumbler". I decided to buy the $16 product, and was greeted with the unpleasant image of $83.56 (Image shared below)

So, seeing this pretty much killed all my hype and desire for the new merch, sorry fam, but I'm never gonna pay you that much for a $16 product. can anyone plz explain the drastic increase in shipping price here? (I'm from Puerto Rico)

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    작성자 2021.08.29 15:30 (UTC+0)

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    2021.08.29 15:36 (UTC+0)

    It's shipping from Asia, so the price is normally insane. With covid, shipping prices are going up even more.

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    2021.08.30 05:20 (UTC+0)

    What were you expecting? $5?

    You pay the cost of getting it there. That includes everyone that touches it, and everything that processes it.

    Do the math.

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    2021.09.12 21:20 (UTC+0)

    Lol what a ****** 

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