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Which of those heroes do you recommend getting? [11]

From the 5* selector

Lilibet,Kise,Chloe,Baal or Aramintha

I wanted Ilynav but she is not part of the selector(and all of the limited...obviously)

Lilibet - I wanted her before but not anymore(I am ok waiting for her to come someday from dailys)

Kise - She is nice,I often see her in pvp

Chloe - her debuff cannot be resisted and allows rage set heroes to always do extra damage(no rng)

Baal - not sure,he seems useful with those low cooldowns and aoe attacks

Aramintha - I have SB Aramintha but I can see some uses for her

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    2021.08.29 09:14 (UTC+0)

    Go for Aramintha and become simp like me lol

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    2021.08.29 09:16 (UTC+0)

    If you really like one of them, it's fine to pick her.

    Gameplay wise is a different story though. 

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    2021.08.29 09:19 (UTC+0)

    Lilibeth, Baal and Ara are currently in pretty bad spot and I would suggest against using the selector on one of those. Baal at least is pretty solid pick for Green Expedition and might possibly work in Golem hunt as well (but so can Mercedes). Kise is a viable PVP choice, Chloe can be used for some PVE content and thats about it.

    Honestly it depends on what you need and what your interests are. If its PVP I`d suggest going for one of the RGBs that are strong there, if its PVE then which specific. Hunt ? Expedition ? Pick one that covers some sort of weakness you currently have and struggle with.

    If you actually are solid on both and have all the other heroes outside these 5 and want to pick one of them simply because you like em in that case I `would say just go by feel and pick whomever. 

    Though in that case I would say that Lilibeth is super cute, legal loli with strong dere personality and giant scissors to cut down anyone standing against her. She deserves much hugs yes :3

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    2021.08.29 09:59 (UTC+0)

    Of the 5 units mentioned, Kise is the only one currently relevant in PvP.

    It seems like Baal is BiS for earth expedition, but... No one uses him anywhere else.

    Chloe is good on Wyvern, but there are better options, and I don't think she is often used anywhere else.

    Lilibet is a good counter against Arby in GW, and maybe Violet as well if you use Symbol of Unity, but... I think that's pretty much it. I never see her used on RTA, and there are better earth DPS units for both PvE and PvP. (If you want a good extinction unit and lack ML Luluca, you are probably better off building Sigret instead, since she is great on Wyvern. And build Carrot and Charlotte to counter Violet.)

    Ara... Unless you just like her aesthetics, I see no reason to use her over Carrot.

    Overall, my top recommendations would be Tamarine > Krau, since they are arguably the most useful RGB 5*s on PvE and PvP, respectively. (Especially Tamarine)

    But among those 5, Kise is the best.

    Personally, I'll get Politis.

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    2021.08.29 10:09 (UTC+0)

    Out of these 5, Baal seems to have niche that's still very widely used in a place which is green expedition. The other 4 may have some niche somewhere but they're pretty much replaceable in there

    Like people said, pick anyone you like. Green expo isn't very important anyway

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    2021.08.29 11:05 (UTC+0)

    None, all 5 are benched. Top picks should be Kayron, Politis, Krua, Charles, Luluca, Violet, Tamarine, for obvious reasons.

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    2021.08.29 12:04 (UTC+0)

    Actually, I would choose someone else for myself, but choosing from those heroes that you indicated, I would take Kise. I myself used it quite actively, just now I am picking up a new gear for it (I gave the old one to Straze).

    Lilibet ... to be honest, I have it from the release, mola is invested and dressed ... but I don't use it.

    Aramintha and Baal - I do not recommend it.

    Chloe ... basically why? For some PvEs? But there is Sigret ... besides, Luna after the buff will be good.

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    2021.08.29 15:11 (UTC+0)

    I love Ara but Baal is amazing in expedition.

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    2021.08.29 22:48 (UTC+0)

    Lilibet - nope

    Kise - 240 speed+ minimum + 280%+ CD

    Chloe - nope

    Baal - good green expedition 

    Aramintha - nope

    Kise good if u can make those minimum stats

    baal if u dont have fire tene for green exped

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