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《EPIC 3rd Birthday》 Video Compilation [3]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2021.08.29 06:00 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 9691

Hello Heirs.

This is GM Dominiel.

Did you have fun watching the EPIC 3rd Birthday Livestream?

Arky enjoyed it while munching on his snacks! (in his dreams) Kyu~

Anyway, since it could take a long time to watch all the content, we’ve prepared for you a video compilation of all the main content!


There must be players who didn’t participate in the first Livestream. If there’s any content you would like to re-watch, you can see it in the list below. 


■We thank you from the bottom of our hearts❤ 

Thanks to all of our Heir's generous love and support, Epic Seven can celebrate its 3rd anniversary!

Once again, happy 3rd anniversary! Together forever!♥

■We thank you from the bottom of our hearts 


Thanks to all of our Heir's generous love and support, Epic Seven can celebrate its 3rd anniversary!

Once again, happy 3rd anniversary! Together forever!♥


■ EPIC 3rd Birthday Full Livestream Video

Don’t miss even one moment from the EPIC 3rd Birthday Livestream! Watch the full version here!


■ The Legendary Conversation of 2021 GM Masterpiece Theatre

GM Luluca presents an award-winning performance (Feat. Mr.Navi, GM Cartuja)

Watch the legendary conversation and best clips!



■ Epic Delivery Season 2 - 'Navi Delivery!'

The Epic Delivery is back for Epic Seven’s 3rd Anniversary!
 Wherever our Heirs are, we will come to see you!


Stories of Heirs who won a Luna Figure in the event!

We had meaningful conversations with them! (Feat. Mr. Navi)


Check out what happened during the two-day trip!


■ Loads of Gifts for our Heirs! - Epic Dealer

Operation Epic Dealer with the goal to provide lots of gifts on Epic Seven’s 3rd anniversary!

Check out Mr.Navi and his entourage’s negotiation skills in Operation Epic Dealer!
👉 We also have a pledge in the video, so please participate and don’t miss it.


■ Heirs Who Are Interested in Epic Seven! Attention! - Epic Seven’s Update Train

What kind of updates were done in the first half of 2021?


Ancient Inheritance, Abyss Floor 120...

Director Yuna has some updates about Epic Seven. Check it out! 



■ 🎤OST Promise🎤 by Napkins & V.A. Nam Doh-Hyeong

Congratulatory message for Epic Seven’s Birthday!

Napkins showcases Epic Seven’s merchandise with Epic Seven’s OST Promise!

Enjoy the amazing sound and bromance between Napkins and Nam Doh-Hyeong!
 Let's listen to it together.


■ Daechan Agency! What Happened When Asking About 3rd Anniversary Content Ideas


👀 Who is Daechan’s favorite hero in Epic Seven?

Who will Daechan select in the Epic Seven Ideal Type World Cup?




Cooking Story🍖

Daechan has cooked the dishes from the game.

Tomahawk Steak, Octopus, Tiger Shrimp, Skewers.

How do the dishes taste?



3rd Anniversary Celebration
A famous celebrity congratulated Epic Seven on its anniversary!
 Let's see who it is!


 Heirs~ How did you like the EPIC 3rd Birthday Special Livestream?

Make sure to Like and Subscribe and turn on notifications on Epic Seven’s official YouTube pages!

 KR YouTube Channel

 EN YouTube Channel

 TW YouTube Channel


We hope our Heirs are happy wherever they are!

Arky will wish that Heirs will meet Heroes who shine through purple and golden lights! Kyu!


Thank you.

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    Happy birthday, SMG.

    Happy birthday, Epic Seven.

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