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So, i've been playing this game for almost 3 years (e7 anniversary is near yeay), so i have something bothering my mind. About e7 today, i feel like that violet, is really² OP, not balanced. Because (tell me how this is possible?) Violet has 35% evasion when his s3 is available, while riolet has 50% evasion on pasif. Why he evade more than riolet ? And about his buff, i don't remember that violet, from his 1st release until before he got buff, is suck. Tbh, i don't understand why he need a buff, because i feel like his kit before is fine. 

Sorry i didnt blur your name, so this fight ended up being 4 vs 1 , but his violet is literally dodged almost all my hits, and his evasion is only 35%, how is that possible? I believe that violet in e7 today, is way scarier than arby/ssb in the past. So please smilegate, i dont really ask your team to balance more/nerf him but if you do, thanks. And also if you wanna buff a hero, can you at least check your e7 most used heroes ? I believe you guys have the data, please consider about it more. What do you guys think ? And tbh, i dont have violet so, just in case someone say "i believe you spam violet too".. 

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    2021.08.25 13:10 (UTC+0)

    Just pick fire unit and use symbol of unity if you cant deal aginst character WITH FQING LOWEST CHANCE OF EVADE IN THIS GAME.

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    2021.08.25 13:21 (UTC+0)

    Stop complaining, he was fine but now he's fine too.
    you guy should stop worshipping the Moonlight supremacy.

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    2021.08.25 13:41 (UTC+0)

    Haber, if we take this Hater post seriously for a moment, I have some tips for you, there are several heroes to counter Violet and I am going to tell you because it is a top secret that no one else can know

    -Krau de awa (you didn't know him)

    -Ilynav (if she gets injury even if she fails)

    -SC Wanda (yes **** a 3 *)

    -Cermia (you can get him to make oneshot)

    -STene (forget about her counterattacks)Well I got bored, but there are many more and 2 devices to counteract evasion, one is 3 * and the other is free in the gremi

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    2021.08.25 17:17 (UTC+0)

    Evasion is RNG based, it can happen 100 times in a row or not for a whole day, its random.
    Moreover, Violet still has the lowest evasion rate by default and he has a lot of counters. He really needed a 'rework', which turned out to be a decent buff. His S2 was terrible, increasing his speed requirements by a lot. Furthermore, enhancing/molaing it decreased its value.

    If you really need someone to fight against him, here you go:

    R. Carrot: He will most likely miss, triggering her shield, dying to her burns
    Charlotte: He will most likely miss, dying to either her splash or nuke.
    AR. Wanda: She will hit with her S3.
    Briseria: 30% hit passive + symbol => she will hit and if build on damage delete him
    Senya: Can kill him by splash damage (splash does not count as an attack -> he can't counter)
    S. Tene: He can't counter her.
    Melissa (Oath Key): Can snipe both Riolet and Violet.
    Ravi: She has enough sustain to deal with him. He will most likely miss and she will heal back up after being hit.

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    2021.08.25 19:42 (UTC+0)


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    2021.08.25 20:47 (UTC+0)

    it's called probability. Violet/Riolet are VERY strong until you hit them once and then they are dead, most likely.

    Evasion is pretty strong and weak at the same time.

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    2021.08.25 21:08 (UTC+0)

    lol You played 3 years and you don't know how rng works? i had fights in which my G Purrgis wouldn't even proc provoke in 4-5 attacks. Meanwhile, the enemy would proc 2 dual attacks from dps. What are the chances.

    This post is just silly. It's absolutely possible for a hero with 70% to fail and then the enemy team get advanatge with 5% dual attack proc. Fact remains Riolet has higer Evasion chance and your bad luck doesn't change that.

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    2021.08.25 21:12 (UTC+0)

    Violet didn't need a buff? He was garbage before. What would you use him for? Pve? Evasion isn't as strong there. Pvp? Have fun using a hero that relies on evasion who starts fights without any evasion at all and always has to survive 1 turn without.

    "i feel like his kit before is fine. "

    That's why no one ever used him. You're right. Even Maid was more commonly used before buffs than him.

    Btw, I don't get why Ravi was buffed she was always fine!

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    2021.08.25 23:20 (UTC+0)

    the OP part about violet is his element he singlehandedly trashed all water dps units, hes like lqc vs dark but better cause no way you beat him with water dps

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    2021.08.26 02:57 (UTC+0)

     he is op lol. Annoyingly thick and hit hard. Counter too. Wth

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