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Perland Raiders vs. Exile Clinic Crew ☀️🌊 [4]

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  • Jabbloo[Jabbloo]
  • 2021.08.24 04:19 (UTC+0)
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Who will win!? ☺️🌊💪

#pavel #violet #lena #ray

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    2021.08.24 07:08 (UTC+0)

    Perland raiders will win as Violet can solo this.

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    2021.08.24 07:44 (UTC+0)

    Chibiiiiis :3

    Damn I wish they added some sort of "dormitory" to the game like many other gachas have. I want to see chibi Lilibet walking around with other chibis doing cute stuff and generating some resources.

    (It shoudlnt be hard to do I think, considering we have that garden thing for pets already)

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