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New Quality of Life and EE change Suggestions! [3]

Let's bounce some ideas around! I've been playing e7 from day one and have seen every Meta shift and cancerous unit that has dominated different metas. No one will ever come close to post-buff pre-nerf Arbiter and if you don't know what I'm talking about, be grateful.

First! It seems our quality-of-life team IS ON VACATION after finally giving us our ten summon penguins. They thought we'd be satisfied?! Nani. I would personally love to see an implementation of friendship expressions in both Portraits and Draft picks in RTA. Right now, friendship expressions are just flavor for your own experience but it would be really neat if we could express them so others can see we've put time into our favorite units.

That's it for QoA stuff, *** knows we can't overwhelm them. (I love you guys jk jk)

Second, I personally feel some units are behind the meta due to power creep and these EE recommendations would address some of their shortcomings without full kit reworks. The reason for posting this is to get the community to bounce around ideas, brainstorming is better when you add more minds. Maybe SG will even consider some ideas from us! (Looking at you, Fairytale Tenebria you f#king nightmare). These are just some of the units I'd love to see get some attention! But I'm sure many of you have other units you'd love to see get some updated EEs! Cheers! 


Blood Blade Karin

Bloody Sheathe

Critical Hit Chance 6%-12%

The only sheathe capable of containing the blade's lust for violence. The talismans covering the sheathe must never be removed.

Cursed SwordAs health decreases attack, defense, speed, and defense penetration (up to 70%) increase.

Blade Art: DragonSacrifice an additional 10% HP when using Blade Art: Dragon.

Cursed SwordPrevent health from dropping below 30% in a single strike and increase CR of caster by 50%.

Champion Zerato

Saber-Tooth Earrings

Health 7% - 14%

Champion Zerato's favorite pair of earrings. He earned them after defeating the (sick) beast with his bare hands.

Earthen RageIncrease the number of debuffs transferable by Earthen Rage to 3 debuffs.

Earthen Rage: When debuffs cannot be transferred to the target, cleanse up to two debuffs from the caster.

Iron Will: Increase CR of the caster by 20% every time the caster is debuffed after being attacked.



Alencia's Ribbon

Health 7%-14%

Alencia's most prized possession. It was given to her by a very important little girl once upon a time.

Genesis: Grants increased defense and increased speeds to all allies after using Genesis.

Noble Blood: Increase Mind's Eye Proc chance by 15%.

Noble Blood:  After attacking with Trample, increase CR of the caster by 20%.


Oath of Vengeance

Attack 7% -14%

Senya's spear for killing dragons was specially crafted with the power to harness her hatred and thirst for revenge.

Indomitable Spirit: Increase Crit Resist Granted to the caster by Indomitable Spirit by 15%

Indomitable Spirit: Increases duration of buffs granted by Grace of the Battlefield by one turn.

Dragon Slayer's Strike: Inflicts Provoke on all enemies after using Dragon Slayer's Strike.



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    2021.08.20 21:47 (UTC+0)

    Please explain how expressions improve your quality of life.

    Stop throwing around buzzwords you don't understand.

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    2021.08.22 14:34 (UTC+0)

    Champion Zerato is perfect

    Alencia would do better maybe if Minds Eye would be a 2 turn proc because sometimes it activates when s3 is available and your not able to use it if you use your s3

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    작성자 2021.08.30 19:12 (UTC+0)


    Do you understand what quality of life means? Go read a dictionary and practice your English while you're at it. Ignorance isn't attractive. 

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