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Hero Concept - Phantom Assassin [31]


The goal of this post is showing the inspiration capcity of this game, and sharing great designs with you guys,

NOT hoping its design can be implemented in the game.

Is it op? Maybe it is. But doesn't affect the goal.

Phantom Assassin, 5* Dark Thief

[S1 - Phantom Strike]

Attacks the enemy, with a 50% chance to Decrease Speed of the target for 1 turn.

After the attack, Increase Attack of the caster for 1 turn if the target has LESS speed than the caster, or Increase Speed of the caster for 1 turn if the target has MORE speed than the caster.

[S2 - Blur] CD: Passive

The Phantom Assassin blurs her body.

The caster cannot be seen by the opponent in the Combat Readiness meter (And her teammates' order number excludes her).

When the enemy choose the caster as the target, has a 35% chance to choose someone else.

[S3 - Coup De Grace] CD: 3 Turns

Mortred has refined her hero-killing skills to a high degree.

Launches attack against an enemy. Has 15% chance to deal 4x damage when attacking with this skill.

If the target has less than 40% Evasion chance, this attack will always hit successfully.

Comments are welcomed :)

<If you want to have some fun figuring out how her skills work, think before you proceed :) >


Design logic explained:

Mortred's S2 grants CR meter invisibility, which is tricky for the opponent to guess when it comes to her turn.

And her speed changes because of S1.

But S1 also provides a comparison of Mortred's speed and the target's speed, so she's actually fully predictable whenever she S1. It just needs some brain cell (Enough brain dead heroes of this game).

Her S2's 35% misclick chance is different from Evasion. It can "Dodge" Lilias or Fluri's Provoke, and let someone else take it.

It is more effective against single attack, but useless against aoe attack.

S3 obliterates MLDB, but Mirsa, Riolet and Evasion buff etc. are unaffected at all.

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    2021.08.12 12:31 (UTC+0)

    s1 is balance enough
    s2 is.... I don't know but this is very interesting, u can add self cleanse like tsurin but with more balance unlike tsurin

    s3 I suggest don't add more RNG  reliant in this game, and for the requirement, we don't know how their algorithm works on evasion, it just simple 50% + 20% + 15% = 85% or 50% if not evade goes to 20% if not evade goes to 15%, the result is very2 different

    I suggest 85% to increase crit damage by 20% 3 times before attack or something like that

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    2021.08.12 13:30 (UTC+0)

    This hero already exist in DOTA 2, It only hapen if have DOTA 2 Collab. And you only copy/paste the same skill and only modify the atribbutes.


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    2021.08.12 16:00 (UTC+0)

    haha no one gonna pick this **** 15% RNG s3 in RPG is so funny xD. This guy really want a dota collab xD

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    2021.08.13 20:28 (UTC+0)

    All you did was to copy-paste a hero from another game, that's ga.y af bro.

    Now explain how dumb can you be to do the next thing?

    You just named the hero Phantom Assassin in tittle and s3 but in s2 it's Mortred. How? Why?

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    2021.08.13 21:06 (UTC+0)

    Man will be more easy if you propouse a collab rather that a "new" hero

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