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riolet [25]

what do u guys think about riolet? is he need buff? if yes what kind of buff he need?

because of overbuff violet, riolet kinda meh in comparison, my suggestion just a slightly buff 

S3: remove all debuff before increase attack (like celine)

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    2021.08.01 12:30 (UTC+0)

    while your at it just give his passive :when you have evasion buff you ignore defense by 100%

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    2021.08.01 13:26 (UTC+0)

    Riolet buff LOL, sometimes i think you guys dont even play the game, we have more then 60 units that really needs a buff and gotta say riolet is definally not one of them

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    2021.08.01 14:22 (UTC+0)

    Grat Atk S3 or evasion pasive 

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    2021.08.01 16:28 (UTC+0)

    He is one of my favorite ml heroes. 

     Perhaps something like changing S2? For example: if he loses buffs (strip) or is under the effect of a debuff (for example, hard cc like stun or sleep), he gets full cleanse and an extra turn / CR push or immediately uses S3. And this happens, for example, 1 time per battle.

     Or, as an option, a passive dodge. For example, he starts the fight with 35% dodge. Each turn gets + 15% evasion and 5% def pen (you can do without it). Stacks up to 3 times.

     But I note that this is nothing more than a desire, because it's a pity when ML Hero looks weaker than his RGB version. And in fact, there are other heroes who deserve a buff much more.

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    2021.08.02 01:47 (UTC+0)

    My fav heroe in the game, from lore to skin, sprite and skills.

    Personally his kit isnt bad at all... the problem its that he fails to do his job so often, jaja it isnt rare for him to get crit 3 times in a row... with 70% evasion chance... not joking... it already happened. 

    Just made his evasion buff innate as Mirsa and he would be okay... if he would choose anyone who doesnt have skill nullifier instead of the only hero who have skill nullifier, while using his third, would be nice as well.

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    2021.08.02 02:01 (UTC+0)

    Based on my experience with Riolet, I see two issues with him:

    1) He needs speed on top of everything else. He needs a balance between speed offense and defense, which can make it rather difficult to gear him. This is offset somewhat by his S3's 50% dpen and self atk buff.

    2) His dodge is a buff, which means violin or an ill-timed buff block will likely result in his death. Even if it does not work right away, your enemy will have fairly generous margin for rng rolls because it takes 5 atks for Riolet to retaliate.

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    2021.08.02 03:11 (UTC+0)

    He doesn't need buff.  I still see him a lot in pvp and especially gvg.  He is weak if rng not on you side and can be insane strong as well when rng blessing.  I see some suggestion want his evasion to be passive instead of buff but we need to remember that his S3 hit like a truck and can even grant ATK buff before attack that both non-attack counter and AOE counter can't stop his buff.  

    He need to get hit for S2>S3 but can trigger with unable to counter like Landy, S.Tene and any additional attacks.  His skills has pro & con if you look only on con and buff him perfect then he will be too OP.  Imagine SC Carrot buff but put on 5* level.

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    2021.08.02 09:25 (UTC+0)

    I wouldn't say he needs a straight power buff. I would like to see a usability adjustment. Like for example remove his dependency on MLDB by including it's attack buff effect into his passive (he gets it when he dodges) and in turn remove it from his S3. That way he can finally equip other dodge artifacts and be played on other sets aside from the ususal Lifesteal + MLDB combo.

    Green Violet on the other hand needs MLDB like breathing air to live because he has no innate access to atk buff. On Riolet the atk buff from MLDB is kinda wasted since he buffs himself for 2 turns after S3. With the above change you could actually play slower builds on counter set for example without decreasing you effectiveness due to not being able to instantly S3 and get your atk buff in time.

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    2021.08.02 17:19 (UTC+0)

    "because of overbuff violet, riolet kinda meh in comparison "

    I've seen this silly opinion long before Violet's got buffed when he was a piece of garbage that no one used. No, they have their own different strengths and weaknesses, they're both strong now and just because Violet finally became usable doesn't mean Riolet is desperate for buffs.

    If anything he could use small adjustments at best

    1. CHange of soulburn to the same Violet has(100% to land Hit Debuff for 2 turns)

    2. Make s2 target the enemy it was triggered by.

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    2021.08.03 12:28 (UTC+0)

    My Suggestion:

    1. S3 gives 1 focus

    2. S3 soul burn reduce 2 skill cool down

    3. S1 miss debuff rate increase to 85~100%

    The idea is to increase his viability without disturbing the counter balance that already put in place. His counter like Solitaria, Briseria, Melissa, Elphet would still be able to do their job. What this aim is to reduce the occasion where people can bring in literally ANYTHING and hope to be lucky to land a hit or 2 without even having any sort of risk. 

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