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Anyone tried Bluestacks 5? [7]

The last time I use it,it was still in beta and there was features missing and the game was crashing often

Now when I go to the download page,version 5 is not in beta anymore but they also offer version 4 for download

Version 4 also have a "Hyper-V, Nougat ** bit" version

I don't know which one to download but I do know that the x64 version works better(I remove bluestacks few months ago because I did not use it for at least half a year,I was playing the game on my phone)

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    2021.07.31 08:00 (UTC+0)

    I do. 

    Positives, its faster. Has more customization options n stuff.

    Negatives, sometimes it freezes and I have to hard reset it. Volume no longer has mute/unmute option. Just increase and decrease, which is super annoying.

    In general the loading speed for E7 is about 25-30% faster from my observation. Though I think there is still work needed to be done with the freezing and some of the features.

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    2021.07.31 08:15 (UTC+0)

    I tried, but it freezes very often. Being fully honest is better the old school play on the cellphone 

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    2021.07.31 08:26 (UTC+0)

    I have tried it (Nougat ** ver.) and my experience so far with E7 has been better than Bluestacks 4.

    The only negative I have had so far with it is what the comment above mentioned with the volume. Not being able mute/Unmute easily with 1 click sucks. (Haven't found freezing issues like the comment above encountered)

    As for E7, It's loads significantly faster like the post above said and I have not had any frame rate issues so far.

    For example: Do you remember the recent Advent Side Story that happened? It had a stage that pretty much turns the game into a semi powerpoint presentation. Well, it ran smooth as butter and was watchable on bluestacks 5 (Unlike in my phone, rip)

    So overall, had a positive experience with it and hope any issues that the emulator has get resolved.

    Hope this helps!

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    2021.07.31 09:50 (UTC+0)

    I did, And it gave me much better performance than 4, Also u should open the game on a 64-bit instance instead of 32-bit, I didn't get lag ever since I used a 64-bit instance on Hunts, Expos, Arena,RTA,S3 animations and Etc., Thank me later

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