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Several arena questions. [16]

I need help on arena.

1. I need suggestions on how to deal A crown politis. My team cannot use any buff,push or heal as long she alive. 

2. How to deal a green violet? Unlike riolet, His evasion is not a buff so I cannot strip him. Paired  with mldb now he is more annoying than tsurin.

3. What is the max speed value we can get from the sub stat? My best lv90 gear has 19 speed. Is it possible to roll beyond that?

4. How to deal a faster fteneb? I dont have fcc so she will guaranteed strip my immunity.



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    2021.07.30 05:36 (UTC+0)

    1. Achates on speed/tanky team (normal Ken/Ilynav/) or Blue Kise

    2. Blue Krau/BIseria/ or tanky fire comp

    3. 28 maybe

    4. Ray/Destina for slow comp or ML Lilibet or Hyuffie with new guild artifact

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    2021.07.30 05:38 (UTC+0)

    1. Immunity?

    2. Krau.

    3. Not sure on that.

    4. Designer Lilibet or any unit that can cleanse debuffs.

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    2021.07.30 07:16 (UTC+0)

    1. DJB? she only reduces not strip, DJB has a 3 turn immunity.
    2. Krau / SC. Wanda / Gunther ?
    3. Assuming an Epic gear with a 5 speed + (5 max roll value x 5 roll times) = 30 ?
    4. DJB?

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    2021.07.30 07:29 (UTC+0)

    1. dont use healer or buffer without hit or kill her fast, like riolet, if cant, use blue kise

    2. nowadays some of your hitter need art with hit chance like unity from guild, misha missile, I use it on my celeste and arby

    3. 1-4 sub for 85, so epic gear with 4 starting and perfect 5 times = 24, reforge should become 28 or 29

    4. the perfect answer is destina because she is green, common answer is any cleanser with high resist, but since ftene mostly use compass, some cleanser cant handle it, u can use hyufine just like aeartsa said, but its still 30% chance to land on her, so u can use bastion of petunia artifact to protect her

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    2021.07.30 07:31 (UTC+0)

    1. fast kise/czerato - you can also add roanna for extra heal

    2. senya works sometimes. Krau too

    3. My fastest is 21 but my guildmate has an equipment with 26 speed. 

    4. Definitely czerato haha. Add roanna for her s2 to trigger as well

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    2021.07.30 12:45 (UTC+0)

    1. Such a Politis is pretty useless against Immunity buffers. DJB, Vivian, LRK, Cecilia, ML Rin, ML Armin, etc.

    2. Krau, Biseria, SC Wanda, D. Corvus. There are also different options like S. Tene (c1) or different variants of strong fire characters like Ravi, Kayron or, for example, H. Yufine (in the burn build). + artifacts that increase the hit chance and target debuff.


    4. Destina / Ray. Dilibet. A character with a very high resistance, for example K. Clarissa in a team with ML Chloe (shimadra). H. Yufine + new guild art. Ch.Zerato, F.Maya, A.Tywin, ML Khawazu. Violet, Riolet. And also Bastion art / new guild art in combination with a hero with immunity set.

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    2021.07.31 04:22 (UTC+0)

    1. If she is in abyssal you can use inmunity heroes.

    2. You can use water tanks to lure him, like Krau or angelica, and let your fire heroes like ravi or kayron to beat him. Now, not sure about rta, maybe picking him first :kewk:

    3. The max starting spd a gear can have its 5 , each roll can have 4 max spd for lv 85 equipment, so 25, with reforge, 30. Of course, 5 starting spd its very rare.

    4. I dont think fcc can help to much against f tene, way more if she def break everyone... buuut your best bet would be using something like res% build Ray, personally I use C zerato, main problem its that he will activate her skill with his counter anyways....

    I kinda like Helena with doctors bag for the job, althought she will only get rid of one debuff...

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