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Kinda disapointed... especially after the long wait. [9]

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  • Treviz[Treviz]
  • 2021.07.22 08:00 (UTC+0)
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TBH i'm very disapointed with this. Not only Re:Zero collabs with every 3rd rate cash grab game on the store, but its a lame anime (in my opinion, in case u didnt know its about some guy crying for 3 seasons). There were so many other popular animes that do collabs with games (like Shield Hero or Demon Slayer for example) and we got one of the worse :(

Better luck next year, its nice that they are trying to give the community what they want, if nothing else.

Just wanted to add my opinion to the pile, some like it some dont, sadly this time im part of the group that doesnt and I know this will upset some people but I would rather have no collab then this, in my eyes it lowers the quality of the game.

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    2021.07.22 08:11 (UTC+0)

    It seems the general sentiment behind this collab is that this was plan B.

    Seems the plan A fell through, so they had Re0 prepared as a back up. Since Re0 is an IP willing to collab with anyone thus a safe choice to have in the pocket should the first deal fail.

    I mean I am no fan of this show for several reasons, but despite watching just few episodes it is popular enough for even me to immediately recognise it. And clearly there are plenty of actual fans out there, so as far as a collab option its not horrible due to the IP being strong. And it certainly is better than some random Kizuna AI one off which was akin to a wet fart on a hot summer day.

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    2021.07.22 08:20 (UTC+0)

    I'll prefer Special Side Story with completely new units and new skins for older units made by SG ..

    Skins for Celine or Vivian will shut the Mouth of many complainers .

     But people forcing SG to do any Collab no matter good or bad .

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    2021.07.22 08:57 (UTC+0)

    Honestly, the rerun of summer event is more of a letdown. Idm the collab as long as its not a other GG rerun. Smilegate kinda crappy at planning events and collabs 

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    2021.07.22 09:10 (UTC+0)

    well, I've watched Re: Zero season 1 and season 2. It's a good anime, but it doesn't suit me because the story is deep and dark. I'm not a Rem fan either (it's too big) and was previously hoping that the collab would be Demon Slayer. Because I think it will be good, especially Zenitshu with E7 animation quality. But well, hopefully there will be Reinhardt, Beatrice or Felix on the collab banner.

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    2021.07.22 11:17 (UTC+0)

    I really enjoy re:zero, what did u expect from a shutdown neet that suddenly transfer to another world without a single skill & power up, every death will shock your mentality, I'm not sure average person can handle it

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    2021.07.22 12:11 (UTC+0)

    Alright? re zero only have 2 seasons though and summarizing it only as "a man that only cries" sounds soo bland.

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    2021.07.22 14:24 (UTC+0)

    shield hero

    Naofumi is so cool

    he is so brutal

    I would have loved it so much

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    2021.07.22 14:34 (UTC+0)

    Collabs are almost always a no-win situation. Shield Hero is just as, if not more, divisive as Re:Zero, They went w/ Demon Slayer and there'd be people coming out the woodwork to complain about how SG is just riding it's coattails - I've seen people literally argue that the popular singer who did the Op for the movie was only popular b/c she was riding Demon Slayer's coattails. 

    I personally don't love the pick, and think the show has been beating the same note over and over to its detriment since season 1. But the pick makes sense. They said it was a well known IP and there are few better known IPs out there right now. For those that like the series it will probably be a lot of fun. For those that don't treat it as any side story w/ new heroes - like the units kit, pull for it, don't like then you have a year before it returns and you can check that decision again. 

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