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My character concept, how was it?~ 🐗

Err..this is just a rough plan sketch. I forgot my proper art equipment(like eraser) on home(I'm in Job) so it's not quite appealing yet~ but the idea is: a warrior hero with greatsward, it opens up then the sub blades unfolds/turns from it forming cross blades. The hero spin throws them at one enemy causing bleed(with multiple hits) damage. 3 Cross blades will appear at Wait bar upon casting the skill. then will random attack one enemy which will cause additional bleed damage(will disappear on it's turn and hits enemy) second skill includes Increase combat readiness by 20% and decrease skill cooldown by 1 when the enemy is defeated by flying crossblade~ nah just sharing idea, I'm not good at designing characters and their kit but DAMN designing a character sure is blissful! it must be a happy Job to make characters in in this kind of industry~ 🐗🤩

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