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"Other crappy games already had a Re:Zero collab" If you don't like the collab then don't pull on their banners. It's just that easy to shut up and move on.

"Only Emilia fits the graphics of E7" then clearly you only Subaru, Emilia, and the Twins. Re:Zero has a lot of different characters that could easily fit the graphics or gameplay of E7.

I know the collab got delayed but being toxic about the collab is not doing anything good, there are new players that are very excited about their very first collab, there are players who are very excited because of Re:Zero, there are players who are excited because of new limited units, so just don't bring the hype down.

So if you are a toxic player who hates on the collab and E7 on its delayed Collab then just don't pull on their banner or participate on the event, come on, we know you will still participate on the collab event because you are a hypocrite. 

Just Saying.

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    2021.07.22 02:38 (UTC+0)

    The people who hates just because the collab doesn't suit their taste. Human never be satisfied. 

    Fyi, I don't really into rezero but if the skill is good and more new player into the game. It is good, right?. Please turn around your pov

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    2021.07.22 03:09 (UTC+0)

    Honestly when collab got delayed pp complained and now it's finally revealed pp complain. Its hilarious.... 

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    2021.07.22 03:53 (UTC+0)

    "If you dont like REzero dont play Epic7 and dont gets the rewards" this kind of post are awfull (feels like "my anime is perfect and you must like because i like"), we got a lot of post about this the players have the right to give their opinion about this collab as long as it is in a correct way

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