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Re:Zero collab [15]

  • D4Z3
  • 2021.07.22 00:33 (UTC+0)
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A new collab at last after waiting for like 2 years of having only the same over again, not only that but they got a delay on it too, hope that the delay was worth it, so they release alot of characters  from it, like making a special summon banner where you      can obtain more easy the units if they are 3 or more summonable.

Other thing that would make  the collab more worth it would be to make their skills with new mechanics(for example new kind of debuffs, new kind of buffs,etc), one example of a new debuff would be something like "frozen" this debuff would make the enemy to lose a turn like stun but while the enemy is frozen their eff.res would go down by 50% and def by 30%, so having something new to the game by the addition of this collab would be interesting.

Other thing would be to go on a new route compared to other games releasing different characters and not the same as them, one good example would be to have characters like Elsa, Roswaal(the Baal from Re:Zero), Beatrice, and the usual 2 protagonist(subaru and emilia), that would be a good roster of units, there are more interesting units but with just having those is good, most likely because would be difficult to find them when they make collabs with this ID.

Well that is all, hope this collab could surprise us in a good way since that is what this game need at the moment, with all the problems that had been happening recently, GMs would be good to see any of your comments in here to see if this page is still active plus see your connection/communication with the community are still good.

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    2021.07.22 00:47 (UTC+0)

    You’re kinda setting yourself up for disappointment, try not to over think the collab, it’ll just end up in a salty escapade, we’ve already got enough of that today


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    2021.07.22 00:58 (UTC+0)

    I suspect the real collab got cancelled and rezero collab is their urgent backup plan, sg said they collab with other game, no matter how u look, rezero is not a game

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    2021.07.22 02:05 (UTC+0)

    re: zero on a clear down trend, peaked long ago, their art was always second tier, the story/plot is ripped off and unoriginal, the girls are flat and immature, all the guys are clearcut losers, only a hardcore japanese anime fan could muster any excitement over this collab.

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    2021.07.22 02:20 (UTC+0)

    on the other hand, there is guilty gear, where we get beautiful chars with deep personalities like baiken, dizzy and sol.  furthermore, they come from a fighting game, rather than a pathetic weeb harem isekai show that peaked 5 years ago.

    i always knew i was wasting my time and money on this game.  this really proves what a loser i have been.  big sadge

    in my defense, there are aspects of the game that are still functioning.  

    in the end, i think they wanted to cater to their japanese clients, whom must be much more approving or atleast neutral about it.  as a westerner, i am greatly disappointed.  I feel that a 1st semester art student could replicate their art (rezero), and their story is a bad ripoff of groundhog day, a POPULAR movie that was released a decade earlier.

    the icing on the cake would be if they try making the pathetic chars imported from there into e7 as meta defining with absurd powerlevels.  based on how their decisionmaking has been going, i think that's a fair bet.

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    2021.07.22 02:28 (UTC+0)

    honestly, it would be really fitting if all 4 chars they imported, made into marginal 3-4 star heroes.  they're all losers, every single one of them.  none should be able to shake a stick at the GG heroes.

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    2021.07.22 13:45 (UTC+0)

    yea sorry i only made it through the first two episodes.  

    I maintain that the art is poor and can be replicated by a first semester graphic arts student.

    the story of a perpetual loser doesn't appeal to me and i said it would be fitting that his power level in game would match that displayed in the series.

    a 3 star knight, that does 1 star damage, with multiple turns of immortality.  basically there only to hold an artifact.

    I am profoundly disappointed in this decision from a  gaming company i put alot of faith in.  

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