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Best dps for phase 3 in Advent? [5]

Not counting ML

Isn't Yufine the best one

1.She is a warrior so she can equip "A Little Queen's Huge Crown " which increases the damage by up to 32% if the target have a barrier

2.If the target is buffed,her s3 does 50% more damage

3.If you put her on a rage set and def break and make the boss targeted(Iseria),she will do 45% more damage to a def broken enemy

4.She is at elemental advantage which boost the damage even more

I am waiting for the free unequip but currently with mt atk set,she one shots the normal mode without def break or targeted

I am not sure what will Baiken do(I have her but she it at lv50 with no mola)

And btw just a question,Pavel S3 ignores damage sharing effects

Does that work on phase 2?

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    2021.07.21 15:11 (UTC+0)

    Violet is the best dps here. Or you can try Ervalen for example, but I use him for second phase.

    My Riolet and Violet just obliterate her in defbreak with two shots.

    Yes, Pavel s3 is works here as well. It was originally conceived for this, why it shouldn't?

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    2021.07.21 17:15 (UTC+0)

    For Hell most single target nukers work. In Epic Hell only few. Sigret is imo best. I used Sigret/Iseria/MHazel comp.

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    2021.07.21 17:44 (UTC+0)

    Most folks have been going w/ one-shot, or really 2-shot, comps from what I've seen. Baiken is a common one, WSchuri too. As you note, Yufine would probably be a good choice as well. In reality, virtually any well build single-target DPS can get the job done if it's got the right setup. The classic Tam/Seria setup is a great route to go, but I haven't myself tried it out. Flan/ALots was my personal path. 

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    2021.07.22 00:19 (UTC+0)

    overall is Violet 

    Ervalen good for end game player .

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