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Can't get amazon prime reward [1]

 Hello everyone

I have a bugwith amazon prime event when i cant get rewards, i was logging in to game and every time for the last 3 days trying to get the rewards but i stuck in infinite loop.
Infinity loop : log in the game, go into events ,amazon prime event , transfered to browse where i log in and allow the page toopen a game and after that still cant get reward.

 Thank for everything, and yes i tried a lot of options. My friend didnt get that bug and he claimed rewerds but i still cant do it.

 Ok everyone, if someone have same problem as me, heres the solution. If u cant get rewards via Android (mobile) like in my case,
 u can get rewards on PC via bluestack,just do it like onmobile and u will get those rewards.    This solution was edited and post can be closed.

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    2021.07.26 01:55 (UTC+0)

    I'm glad you were able to claim the reward. On 7/8 an issue has been discovered where for certain players the Amazon Prime promotion banner is not displayed in-game or not working when tapped.  This issue has been resolved with the client update (1.0.397 version) and patch notice that occurred on 7/16 (Thu).

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