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Advent event.... [4]

Man... it is hard as Hell. Maybe even hard as EPIC Hell. Get it.. get it?

Its okay though. It took me a while to figure out how to beat Epic Hell and I had to move gear around a bit. Eventually, I got Hell on lock. I've now farmed everything.. but I'm still doing the event. Because...

This event has made my existing gear level just take a leap up. I love it. This is one of the best events in this game imo for end game players. I understand, newer players are kind of stuck on hard, but it feels like they were targeting end game players on this one with the option for an easier mode. I'm really loving all the stones I'm getting from doing hell on repeat and having it as an infinite supply of only a few sets(though I wish you threw immunity in there too...) is very nice. Thank you SG!

As a final note though.

SG, restore the accounts of the people who lost their accounts. Stop messing around. Hurry up. People have put a lot of work into those accounts and for accounts that are linked to google just poofing off the face of the earth.. that is pretty big. Probably the biggest mess up you've had. Period. I feel like you aren't addressing it enough. You are killing off a portion of your play base that want to enjoy your game. Sooner or later they are just going to cut their losses and move on to something else.

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    2021.07.20 20:52 (UTC+0)

    the epic hell was that first joke ?

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