Wasn't there supposed to be a collab?
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Wasn't there supposed to be a collab? [9]


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At this rate the next collaboration might as well be this


funnyyyyy !

niiice !!

idc anymore.

I got my straze.

Now I am just waiting for ML Charles.


Until we get a "name" and a "date" 

Collab is Just a myth

I Just hope livestream give even a little bit of info tommorow. 

Well said!

It looks like it was supposed to be the start of this month, but there were production delays so they had to postpone (the reason for the farming buffs and giveaways we've had all month). Given that they are going to be announcing the new summer event tomorrow, which will likely then take up the first half of August, and there will then likely be the anniversary that takes up the back end of August, probably into early September, the collab likely won't come until mid September at the earliest. 

Maybe they will hold the collab as the anniversary because they usually don’t do anything special for the anniversary other than login rewards 

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roundtableDoubtful. Anniversary is usually a very "selfish" period for any game. In terms of in-game content it may appear to be just login rewards, but out-of-game it's a much bigger production. They don't typically like to share the spotlight with anyone else. And the reality is that for the other party, a collab is as much a chance to show yourself off to that group as it is for E7 to advertise itself to the audience of the collab IP. 

It's not out of the realm of possibility, but I've no doubt SG is planning on doing a bunch of videos and stuff promoting the game itself, much like they did last year.

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Wasn't there supposed to be a collab? [9]

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