Did anyone with missing account get there account back ?
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General Discussion

Did anyone with missing account get there account back ? [7]

I just saw a post where SUPPORT onces again blaming the player for missing account then actually helping out!

did GM Cartuja lie about support working hard to get your account back.....

First of all people who were linked to google shouldn't be treated as its there fault! its clear yours for rushing a update out and unlinking so many gmail accounts !

 Whats next Facebook ? Twitter? Stove login? are they going to be the next target and then be blamed for missing accounts to?

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This issue is making me anxious. I hope everyone gets their stuff back but most of all I hope it won't ever happen again!!! 

Seriously for how much we invest into this game, it's totally nerve wracking to think you could wake up and everything will be gone.... 

better keep your money away from that kind of game

knowing that you didn't lose any money if that happens really ease the pain

They are literallly bleeding paying customers here.

Any other game in similar situation (other than Titanfall) would have resolved this as a High Priority issue.

If people whom you are dependent on for income - coz remember we dont know how many people got affected with this globally - are barred from accessing your service through which they pay you, thats directly affecting your monetization and thus your bottom line.

The fact this has been going on for what... 2 weeks already? and they STILL havent gotten it fixed shows how absolutely zero f*cks this company gives even when its hitting their bottom line. Unbelievable how with this mindset they are still in business. And this is speaking from work experience. Once the customers of the company I work at were impacted similarly to this (unable to access product/service) the company went into overdrive to fix the issue asap just to avoid refunds and loosing a valuable scource of income (the customers).

same here, i have received error login notification pop up with red bar twice...

and i instantly remind me with lost fellow heir

but then i login succesfully and my account didnt lost... for now

hope you guys get your account back soon, as soon as possible

This happened to me before though I had a stove account, after several back and forth emails mostly on my end. SG claimed my account was a guest account even though I showed proof that it wasn't. So I had to start over with my old Google account though all my hard work and heroes will not get returned. Hopefully everyone will have better success than I did

After 11 days I finally got a response.  I was told yesterday that they would be forwarding my info to somebody who might be able to help me out.  I was hoping they'd get it resolved yesterday in time for gw.  

There's a diff between an account showing as being manually deleted versus an account that was clearly unlinked because of the update.

Learn the difference.

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Did anyone with missing account get there account back ? [7]

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