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Account is gone [3]

Tried to login the other day my account was missing contact stove they say i deleted it when i know thats not the case idk what to do and lost i cant restart been trying to get back my account it’s really making me anxious not having an actual back and forth and have to wait days for just a reply to simple question is there some form of help i can seek thats more direct?

I can see my account through friends and it hasnt been login into for days i have receipts etc to prove its my account is there any thing else i would need?

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    2021.07.20 13:48 (UTC+0)

    "they say i deleted it"


    "I can see my account"

    You're looking at a tombstone. Not hope.

    Remember everyone. Never share your email or passwords with anyone. Ever.

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    2021.07.20 17:42 (UTC+0)

    You're not the only one with this issue. Keep sending tickets, send screenshots where you can. Others are getting the same response (basically) that you are, but if you're 100% sure that you did nothing wrong, just keep bothering them. 

    And so sorry that happened to you 

    Edit: GM Cartuja posted a link in some older threads about this issue, for submitting account disappearance issues. Sorry I can't find the link right now, on mobile. Try to get the link and submit your problem there! GOOD LUCK 

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