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Guild Recruitment

Equivocal and Definitive Are Recruiting New Members!

We are a brand new guild that is looking for any players at any level at the game. This is more catered toward newer players that want to improve on the game but we accept mid-game players as well, no requirements! Interact with the guild in our discord to get to know them and grow together. I expect everyone to use all of their attacks in gw, it doesn't matter the outcome, free mystics!

Guild Name: Equivocal

Server: Global

Level: 13

Members: 27/28


Guild Name: Definitive

Server: Global

Level: 1



Must join our Discord in order to join

Be active

Have a desire to improve in-game

Request Claws

Donate daily

No Rank level is required!

Please see our "read first" channel to understand what we expect from you
These guilds are managed by my alt but I am always active. We have many guides and players that are willing to help you get started. 


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