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Raid Rewards and Shop Improvements. [1]

Hello just wanna give my ideas for improvements on one the PvE contents 

Normal Raid 

1.Change the drop gears and shop gears to LvL 78.

Reason = Nobody uses LvL 67 gear anymore and even a newer player they are better of using the free LvL 75 gear they get.

Raid is one of the priorities of newer people when it comes to PvE progression and making a good team is still a challenge
so make the gear drops at least usable

2. Shop improvements

*Remove the 200k gold on Queen Azumashik's Gift and replace it with 3 leifs
*Change Azimanus Fighter's Necklace to Destruction or Attack Set with CD main stat

Reason = Making a good raid team is still a challenge and getting 200k gold on the gift is just a slap on the face.

Replacing it to 3 leifs is a good decision. who doesn't want leifs?.
Unity set is a useless set and needs a rework changing it too an attack or destruction set will be a good change.

 Hell Raid

1. Change Azimanus Fighter's Necklace to Rage set with CD main stat

Reason = Nobody uses a rage set attack main stat necklace  I have yet to know someone who bought that. It's just there taking up shop space. better replace it with something that is usable.

Both Raids

1. Add a small chance (10%) for miniboss to drop raid currency. 

Reason = a chance to buy more items in the raid shop

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    2021.07.20 18:38 (UTC+0)

    Don't forget the trash necklace you can get from one of the bosses- life steal set with Health.

    I wish the rewards from Raid chest were imprvoed in general. It takes 4 bosses to buy the chest. Doesnt have to be big

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    1 galaxy bookmark> 3 galaxy bookmarks

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