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What set is best on pve Straze [3]

Attack,destruction or rage

Rage will obviously do the most damage but just you need to apply a debuff on the enemy and some enemys have permanent immunity or punish you for debuffing them.

Destruction allows you to more easily reach the crit damage cap

Atk set allows you to more often penetrate the enemy defense by 100%

I am currently using him on destruction with 4k atk and 332cd but he is extremely slow but he makes hell raid a joke

If I use speed set,he will blow his s3 too fast and it will usually not be usable on a boss battle on auto

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    2021.07.19 21:27 (UTC+0)

    It would obviously depend on how much each side suffers, but I would imagine going w/ atk would be best. 

    Just playing around w/ damage calculator it looks like his dmg scales way better off his atk than cdmg if your cdmg is anywhere near the same ballpark. I would say just off set bonus alone, if you can swing the same or more atk w/ only a loss of the set bonus of the destruction set, you're better off maximizing atk. 

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