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15% innate resistance is 100 iq mechanic. [20]

Aight so whoever came up with this mechanic is just a brilliant person. We build a unit with 150-200% effectiveness and then *** behold a unit with 0% resistance resists my debuffer due to 15% innate resistance. (GENIUS) 

I think every garcha game should copy this mechanic. And the person who came up with this idea should get an award. 😇

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    2021.07.18 10:13 (UTC+0)

    15% is okay if its actually 15%

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    2021.07.18 10:52 (UTC+0)

    When it happened to you, you could always complained that it was higher than 15% lol

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    2021.07.18 12:16 (UTC+0)

    Yes... "award" is the word for what that person deserves. 

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    2021.07.18 15:19 (UTC+0)

    My place is so far away from the sea yet, I can taste the salt in the air

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    2021.07.18 15:36 (UTC+0)

    The person who designed the effectiveness mechanics should receive an award, because it totally makes sense when a 110 effectiveness overcomes 200 resistance.

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    2021.07.18 23:34 (UTC+0)

    Jokes on you, a lot of gachas already copied this mechanic.

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    2021.07.19 02:27 (UTC+0)

    The "15%" exists in virtually all games where there are buffs/debuffs. The way it's implemented is usually different, however. In some cases, they cap your actual "published" stats. In others, they don't publish what the success/fail rates are and you just know it might not stick. Still others will let you debuff mobs all you want, but block any useful, if not all, debuffs on the boss of the battle/level. If the 15% is removed in PvE, they would likely compensate going forward by disallowing more buffs against the bosses altogether, or adding more mechanics where stuff like adds are tough enough to stick around and can cleanse more often, etc. 

    I can't envision it being removed from PvP. PvP would grind to too much of a halt if players knew that for sure piling up on eff or eff res could guarantee all debuffs land/don't land. They would end up having to do something like creating a PvP set of skills and a PvE set of skills for most heroes.

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    2021.07.19 07:48 (UTC+0)

    Thing is, SmileGate was just lazy and probably took that horrendous mechanic from Summoners War. I believe they have the same mechanic implemented there. I mean, why create something better yourself, when you can just copy half done homework from someone else am I right?

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    2021.07.20 06:39 (UTC+0)

    imagine having the courage to fix your game instead of copying summoners war.

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