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Advent side story bug [1]


Yesterday in hard difficulty my Luna attacked together with my Sigret, team change occured durong this, my team 3 used all skills (f.ceci, ml ken, c lorina) then the boss did "team change "again, everyone had only auto attacks. The boss killed everyone. 

Ever since whenever im in phase 3 the boss has her barrier, but nothing affects her. 

I can see S.Rosr landing def break, Lidica landing spd break ( the icons when usually shows the debuff is succesfully landed shows, but they are not under the boss healthbar) 

The side story is unplayable this way if debuffs are't correctly applied to her. Basically everything lands but doesnt have effect, nor visual proof the debuff landed. 

Thanks for looking into it. 



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    2021.07.18 17:16 (UTC+0)

    In the 3rd phase if you land a non critical hit(Lidica..fire on water boss,that's just asking for it)the boss removes all of the debuffs

    I had to regear Iseria to give her 85% crit so her def breaks will stay

    Also using aoe attacks is also asking for a swift death in phase 3

    Read the boss skills

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