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Advent Epic Hell [24]

My review of epic hell mode for the new advent side story.

The mode is problematic for sure. It either needs much better rewards for the difficulty or needs to have the difficulty toned down.

The main problem with the current difficulty is it requires very specific heroes on specific gear sets. Even if you have all the heroes built, if you don't have them on the correct gear set you have to spend a lot of resources just to be able to farm this content. 

I like the idea of the content. Having to use 9 different heroes is a good idea, but if you have to regear all of them for the extreme difficulty it is a huge resource sink.

There are just to many different mechanics going on in epic hell. Especially the ones that limit the heroes you can use like the heroes have to always crit or cannot AOE.

I am fine with the mode not being auto friendly also. You only get to do it 5 times in 2 weeks. 

In summary the epic hell mode is to difficult. It should be made easier to make the content more accessible.

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    2021.07.16 14:29 (UTC+0)

    when something is called Epic Hell one should not expect it to be for everyone.

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    2021.07.16 15:40 (UTC+0)

    I think a major problem is the exclusive currency (white snake's fang). In normal side stories one can get by and farm all the rewards even without clearing epic hell. But in this "side story" you automatically lose out on selection chests for not clearing it, not to mention the 2 weeks time limit to get them. They should add 10 more white snake fangs to the shop, such that players who can clear epic hell don't need to buy them, while players who can't clear can still farm all rewards at the cost of more energy. Alternatively they should just remove the currency altogether and replace with the basic currency of equal value (1:250).

    P.S. I've already finished epic hell, so I'm not complaining

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    2021.07.16 16:01 (UTC+0)

    Don't know what else to say other than "I disagree"... Really just treat Epic Hell as extra challenge for extra rewards that don't really matter to your progression

    Also you already have "more accessible" stages than Epic Hell, they're called Hard and Hell mode

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    2021.07.16 17:37 (UTC+0)

    yeah the rewards are so bad, it should be 5 radiant light connection for better chance get better units rather still 3 stars units

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    2021.07.16 20:13 (UTC+0)

    Contenido PVE es complicado ya que todos hemos pedido contenido que nos cueste pasar para no hacerlo en un par de horas y no tener nada más que hacer en el juego

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    2021.07.17 00:00 (UTC+0)

    4 of units I use for epic hell are exactly the same unit from my exp 3 earth/ice boss that score 800k-1.2m dmg and rest are stuff that I use for PVP with few arti changes like main dps > ddj for phase 3 and such. I don't think this is too hard, but rather people just don't have the stuff to use right away on spot. It's new content and of course you will not have stuff to clear day 1 if you don't have stuff built previously that will instantly give you advantage in following the mechanic of each phase.

    I can see this being difficult for new~mid game players or people who build only waifu / or husbando units.

    P1/P2 is not really difficult imho but P3 is where dps check somewhat kicks in unless you have heroes that heals/revive constantly to babysit your dps unless you have those special units like o sigret, flan, alot etc one shot team.

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    2021.07.17 04:20 (UTC+0)

    Anyone remember Epic Hell Zeno?

    I couldn't even kill the three blue slimes hahaha...


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    2021.07.18 21:08 (UTC+0)

    In my experience, when a player plays an RPG reaches max level in a game, and get the best equipment and uses the best strategy, they should be able to absolutely crush all content of the game. Even elitist players struggled and had to re-gear some of their guys and build entirely new ones just to pull it off. Some veteran players couldn't even beat Hell mode.

    I do think this content is welcome...in the abyss. Simple tack it onto the abyss and give a kickass reward for the players that beat it!

    I can auto hell mode, and almost have epic down, but I do feel for all the casuals and normal players.

    Please don't treat this as casual content Smile Gate.

    If Smile Gate should continue to want to exclude casuals and new players, then I propose these things.

    1) Make sure we can freely equip and unequip stuff for the duration of the challenge.
    2) Let the newbies and casuals be able to acquire all rewards too (albeit at the cost of much more energy)

    3) Make the rewards much much better

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    2021.07.18 21:39 (UTC+0)

    Thing is, there should be more content that only end game players can achieve, feels bad to reach the point where you can just auto everything with no challenge, besides RTA, so this kind of contente is necesary, and it creates goals for newbies as well, since they wouldn't want to miss the next side story boss and it's rewards, they will start to improve their gear and strategies, if one could just spam the easiest auto they can do and still get every reward, then the content itself is meaningless, progress wise. 

    If they wanted to flaten the curve, they can either add a new tier of rewards/currency at lower difficulty. But keep the best rewards ones only for End Game players. 

    Or, bump the top tier rewards so it feel justified for all the resources invested. 

    Either way, the content is great as it is.  

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