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Advent Side Story Epic Hell tests [8]

Well, to contrast with some of the posts of haste I've seen today, I'll share quickly my experience to beat the epic hell mode,it sure will be more meaningful, even if it's just a little,and my first successful run (I have to precise that I'm 1st month and full f2p player for the average level) :


First part is basically AoE spam, I used Vivian, Vildred and Bellona. Vivian had no dps stats because she was a banshee support, with tagehel for her buffs, vildred had a random slow dps stuff and Bellona had some 200 speed and 220 critical damage random stuff. I was too lazy to rebuild since it was enough most of the time. I also beat it with Tamarinne Op Sigret Straze and Tamarinne Arby Tsurin, I just kept the fastest run.

Second part I took Roana Diene and Cidd. Diene was nice with soul burn for the two buff needed.
Roana was almost only a tank to absorb hits and heal the others with passive, and Cidd was here for spamming, at 260 speed + permanent speed buff and passive buff. Roana had full truck HP/Def stuff and Diene speed and defensive, no effect resistance to avoid stun.
Maybe a Cidd with effectiveness for consistent break def would be much better if he can hit the boss before the boss plays.

There surely are faster and safer ways, it's my worst part but it's often enough. Most fails are related to Cidd focus and oneshot by the boss, or too long runs with not enough buffs. Cerise can be very good if you're lucky with Ms. Confille and dual attacks with Cidd though. Bellona could be better here too for strong s1 and defense break,with some replacement in 1st part. The run on video was very very close because I greeded soul burn.

Last part was simply cleave with Flan burn , Alots, and Ervalen rage set with burn. With a little more speed on Ervalen or maybe flan s2 max mola, alots isn't required but well, it works like that and kills the boss on counter for me. Since the boss hits hard and inflict injury, taking him down immediately was my best bet. 240+ speed for CR pusher recommended, since the boss cleanse himself if hit by a debuffed character.

Anyway, it's more personal challenge for old players than anything so have fun!

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    2021.07.16 02:51 (UTC+0)

    I struck at last part.  I waiting for free equipment to change W.Schuri gear to go with A.Lot and Iseria.  Ervalen look good there and I already build him rage set.  So your guide look suit for me.  Ervalen, A.Lot and Iseria may do the trick as well.

    For me

    1st part - Baiken, Cidd and Pavel.  Just spam speed damage and can pass with auto if Cidd not blind on 1st turn

    2nd part - Violet, Diene and SSB

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    2021.07.16 04:10 (UTC+0)

    For 3rd phase if you use Flan + Sigret sweep then you could also use 100% crit + highest speed on team Rima(SC if possible but not really needed) as 3rd member, if you failed to one shot with Sigret and everyone got debuffed, you can then use Rima's S3(non attack) on Flan so she resets her S2 and S3 which are also non-attack so they all won't attack except Sigret which still can make use of Defense Break you inflicted beforehand, and Flan could use S2 on Sigret to give those Attack/Crit Damage buff again.

    I cleared EH 3rd phase with this comp

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