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Tagging/grouping system for inventory. [1]


I just lost a piece og good gear due to complete mess in my inventory. I think i am not the first one to become paranoid and "locking" every single piece after something like this happened.

It would be nice to have a certain tag/grouping system to organise this wall of  red +15 numbers. At least to separate your "god gear" from "in progress" and "trash i probably will sell when i have time or get warning that inventory is full".

A cool feature could be if it was possible to save builds in case i want to test something in future. 

One can argue that there is a sort function, but it is very annoying to set up filter every single time i open backpack. 

If tag system is hard to introduce, then let us place some icons or frames on gear just so they could be different from each other.

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    2021.07.22 01:10 (UTC+0)

    Hello, Heir.
    Thank you for your feedback! Will share this with the appropriate team.
    All the best~

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