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To be true i like normal side story event much more then this one, we get skystones plus its easy to clear. Idk about others but i prefer skystones over reforge mats or modification gems.

I am not saying these are not worth it.

Why don't run both type of events together, after a long time we get so called new content ,just for 14 days. Not worth the hype, newbies could have gotten much more benefits from regular events.

After playing here for around 1 year ,i can pretty much say how things work here.

I am sure SG will balance this ,in one of their major update.

First make something bad on purpose and than rework it after sometime in their major update. Almost 70% stuff in major update is rework 20% is banner rerun and 10 % is QOL update ,which doesn't amount to anything.  Follow this strategy when you are too lazy to even think about anything new and easy money grab.

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