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New player questions [2]

I started playing over 2 weeks ago. I just finished episode 2 3-10, I'm rank 42, I got Straze and SSB but I have no idea what I should focus so I got several questions.

1. Where do I go to defeat gnolls?

2. Should I build Straze and SSB asap? If not these two, who should I build?

3. How long does it take on average to become a competitive player? For f2p, dolphins and whales.

I managed to join a guild because of my previous experiences with another mobage called Langrisser. But I feel bad that I cannot contribute at all. ig my last question is:

4. What do I need to do in order to become competitive?

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    2021.07.15 15:20 (UTC+0)

    Mmm… for gnolls, usually the missions have a button for that says “go” press it and you will go to an adventure stage where you can farn them. Reddit says 3-S4 tho.

    About straze and ssb. Straze can be used as one shot team in a few comps in banshee 13, golem 13 and… azimak 13? But he is not a priority if you are this new.

    SSB its amazing for wyvern, I use mine with spd/crit set spd/hp/crd with atk and acc subs. Try to made her a bit tanky.

    If I where you I would focus in a w13 team, so you can start getting spd sets. My team is angelica as front line (some people uses g purg instead) furious, ssb and chloe (but sigret is way most used than her, I already had my team when sigret was buffed, since it works I didn’t bothered to build her). Gl!

    Jaja 2 weeks player with straze xd He is one of my most wanted. Wish I get him…

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    작성자 2021.07.16 10:52 (UTC+0)

    @Filbulwinter I just grinded out for unlocking furious asap yesterday and have workable gear on him. Should I build angelica then? Because I have her also. Angelica, Alexa or SSB, Furious and Chloe. Is this a good team for Wyvern?

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