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New side story/Event [Feedback] [9]

  • STOVE23202530
  • 2021.07.15 07:03 (UTC+0)
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I like that you've tried to bring something new. In here you actually need to put together a team that works, and also provide bonuses based on the element. I hope you keep this kind of events for the future and not the pointless side stories that were too easy. 

I like the difficulty of Hard and Hell, not sure if I like Epic Hell because I am nowhere near to contest that, but I can clear Hard on auto and Hell on manual. If the events will stay like this that would be awesome! 

As for my gear, I have SSB on 150K power being my strongest hero everything else is under 100K, I'm writing this because people are saying that this needs end game gear. I disagree this even is on point.


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    2021.07.15 07:34 (UTC+0)

    I disagree your disagree

    player not only saying u need good gear, u need so much hero that fully build with decent gear, and u need some luck that u build a hero that match the requirement for this side story

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    작성자 2021.07.15 07:51 (UTC+0)

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    2021.07.15 08:48 (UTC+0)

    It's for at least mid game(Hard mode), only problem is early game can't farm because Hard mode needed 9 heroes, in which most early games don't have. My feedback to this is make Normal mode which is doable with 1~2 heroes with full 70 gear or someting, it's the first time they release this kind of event, they can adjust it later on just like Automaton

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    2021.07.15 11:32 (UTC+0)

    My only complaint is that  the energy cost is excessively high (though, the rewards are amazing, and hence worth the energy, but RIP our event liefs).

    Otherwise, it's amazing.  ELISIA is hot af, and I look forward to slamming her next login.  While challenging, it is less cheesy, less frustrating than Abyss.  Sure most abyss floors are cake, but in terms of a format, I prefer this.

    Elisia BOOBA top tier. 

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