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Everyone who lost there account there is now HOPE! [4]

  • Roseizmyname
  • 2021.07.14 14:24 (UTC+0)
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 Hope everyone gets there accounts back :)

I did my best as a fellow community member to help out as much as i can i hope our voices are heard and those who are suffering can make it through this  

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    2021.07.14 15:16 (UTC+0)

    I’m glad they’ve addressed the issue but they should make a public announcement about the issue instead of a comment. Otherwise people will miss this post and complain SG hasn’t taken notice of the issue at hand.

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    2021.07.14 16:38 (UTC+0)

    Also now the bigger problem is going to be the events that just closed. Since we haven't been able to log in for a whole week and events are closing. Specifically people who weren't able to pull SSB. It ***** that this happened when there was a limited hero banner. If and when SG does fix it, I do wonder what they going to to for us. Since it probably won't be just for us and would have to be for the whole community.

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