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[GLOBAL] DesuVult & Rocinante are looking for active competitive players

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  • 2021.07.14 07:58 (UTC+0)
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Guild Name: DesuVult & Rocinante

Guild Wars: Top 100 (DesuVult) & X5 Mystic (Rocinante)

Playstyle: Casual/Semi-Competitive

Server: Global

DesuVult is a relaxed Guild of mostly Challenger players and we provide all perks of being in a guild. We are a day one guild and some of us have been playing together for almost three years. What you can expect from us:

- An active guild with 24/7 buffs;

- Daily energy;

- Weekly Guild Supply Chest;

-Discord for game discussion etc;

- Competitive GW.

We are looking for players who’d like to leave their guild because of inactive leadership, lackluster GW participation, or simply have outgrown their guild and looking for more competitive environment. We have a friendly environment with very low member turnover.


- You are an active E7 player; 

- Use your Guild War and World Boss attacks every time;

- Donate gold/proof and request aid daily.

We also have a sister guild (Rocinante) for mid-game players who wants to leave their inactive guild and to benefit from being around more experienced players. The requirements:

- Able to farm W13 or at least working to do so; 

- Daily check-in and donation; 

- Using GW and World Boss attacks; 

- Willingness to improve 

To apply message me on Discord @Primera#6561

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