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Connecting Connecting Connecting to the server.... [1]

  • STOVE128818093
  • 2021.07.13 17:15 (UTC+0)
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Ever since the big mess up of long maintenance last wed/thurs wherever you are, game has been super unstable.

I disable google playstore when not updating but for some reason, game doesn't even get past title screen anymore.

Not only this, everytime I try to get my way to the pack shop, it gives me *connecting to the server..* for 3-4 seconds and also happens even outside of this situation. My net is stable and never had this issue before the maintenance.

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    OFFICIALGM Cartuja
    2021.07.14 08:03 (UTC+0)

    Hello Heir! Sorry for the issue. :(

    It would be great if you could try other networks (including VPNs) to see if the issue persists.
    Although your network may be stable, connections between countries/servers may vary from time to time, which may be the cause of this issue.

    Thank you for your cooperation! :)

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