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Is it harder now to get good lv 85 gears from hunts?~ 🐗 [5]

I think it was couple of years ago I started this game, back then I don't remember struggling getting lv 85 heroic or Epic gears from hunts and it was Fairly ok fast too. I made new second "Main" account as I really like epic seven universe game. and on this new account it's significant harder to progress the crafting of lv 85 gears. its so often crafted rare types. Even with maxed upgrade of smith the heroic grade is so rare to come out, and the epic grade comes out every about 50 attempt of craft. Did some mechanics change? like rares are norms now in mid game? I just finished Cidonia and Eureka is not possible to finished without an army equiped with lv 85 gears set, I just wonder if rares are norms for mid game or I'm not supposed to farm wyvern 10+ yet after Cidonia? Thanks for answers~ 🐗  Edit: the picture is from my main account. I don't remember having difficulty creating an army of lv 85 geared

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    2021.07.13 12:06 (UTC+0)

    I dont know, I just played this game, not even a year, for me, its always hard from the start, the game give me so much ML5, so I think the exchange is my stupid gear

    so I'll just keep farming to get **** gear and stay challenger forever

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    2021.07.13 15:43 (UTC+0)

    If you are searching for epic gears then it will be hard to get because you are playing a gacha game and nothing is guarantee,You get a lot of Heroics as they have the highest drope rate from crafting,I don't how many years ago you are talking about  but at the beginning of the game,we used to farm level 75 gears as w11 rarely droped 85 very rarely and there were no equipment conversions,no free perfect gear crafting event,no Hunt 13,modification gems,the gold was so hard to come by as everything was very expensive and we used to burn through our Skystones for w11 hunts.

    (So to your Question,The Answer is No instead its easier to get gears now But if your a searching for good gear then E7 is a gacha game and the free crafting event running now is the only place were we get guarantee good gear)

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    2021.07.13 18:06 (UTC+0)

    heroics guarantee lower gear score and represent a gimped investment.  i am here to play epic seven, not heroic seven.

    but yea, sometimes (more like all the time but yea...) you just got to eat what you get, even if it's not what you want, or, starve and grow skinny to the point of absolute futility.  

    they're slowly making gearing easier.  it is what it is right now, and that's better than what it was a year ago.  just gotta deal with it.  heroic gear will have to do for the vast majority of players.  even whales.  

    and no, it's not harder now than it was from my experience.  and i'm in the midst ofo a nasty gear drought right now as well.  hunt buff yielded me nothing.. not a single piece.  everything rolls flat, or mid-low rolls whenever i need it.  it's PAIN, but it's part of the grind.  Wish they'd let me use some of the broken pvp chars tho, like Maid Chloe who has avoided me for too long :\

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