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Is this turn order possible? [1]

Straze and Vivian on the team and one or two other heroes helping to achieve that in a stage with two waves and a boss

It doesn't matter how hard that will be to achieve those stats

Wave 1

Vivian goes first and use S3 ad she have the EE that boost her cr(she have Time Matter on)

Someone else go and do something(either use non attack skill or a skill that will not kill all of the enemys so and Vivian kills them

Wave 2

Vivian goes first and kill all enemys

Wave 3

Vivian uses S3

Some hero cr boost Straze who uses S3 and kills the boss

The stage is EP2 6S-6(I don't know why but I am getting loads of exp on that stage and the stage is easy,I just want to optimize it as much as possible so there will be no rng(I still win but sometimes it may take a little longer to clear the stage(the boss is countering almost MK Ken style))

The problem is that the dragon have a chance to counter and a chance to remove my buffs and stun someone

Any ideas who can be the other hero or the other two heroes that will not attack the boss at wave 3

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    작성자 2021.07.12 17:52 (UTC+0)

    I found the team :)

    The other two are Flan and Tywin and it can be either of them or both but if it is Tywin only,I will need better gear for Straze because he does not do enough damage(Flan only is enough because she also gives him crit damage boost)

    Or Flan and a soul weaver but it needs to be faster or slower than Flan but not faster than Vivian and if it is faster than Flan,it needs to have 2 non attack skills(Diene for example)

    The whole thing require speed tunning because of the st*pid AI on Flan and Tywin S2

    The S2 target need to be

    1.Anything but soul weaver(I think,I have never seen sw get boosted)

    2.It chooses the target with the highest cr(as stupid as it sounds...that target can be at 99% cr but it will be cr boosted)

    3.if there is more than one non soul weaver,the AI will choose the one with the highest cr even if that target have 1k attack while the other one have 5k

    Here is a video of how it works


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